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Dessert Buffets - Dessert Presentations

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A presentation of assorted desserts: party favors, dessert buffets or any grouping of delicious confections aimed at dazzling your guests. Yummmmm!

Pricing: Varies. Products are delivered in a white bakery box at no charge. Extra charge for platters with plastic see through lids, special containers, plates, displays or wrapping. Small drop cookies (up to 2.5") are $9 a dozen; larger drop cookies (3 - 4" size) and bar cookies, are from $16 per dozen. Fancy mini (2 bite) desserts/petit fours are $1.95 each, & if chocolate, $2.15 each; fancy small (4 bite) desserts/petit fours are $3.85 each, & if chocolate, $4.25 each. Mini cupcakes (about 2 onces each) are $10 per dozen; $12 for chocolate, and include a generous swirl of buttercream icing and pretty sprinkles or edible glitter. Enhancements, such as organic crystal sugared flowers, are extra, per quote. Savory item offerings are available in consult with Chef Jen and are per quote.
Minimum Order: $250. There is a minimum order of 4 dozen of any one individual or mini (size, type, flavor) dessert.
Product Size: Petite to Grande

Center Display Table

San Diego Jewish Film Festival Patrons Opening Night Event, February 8, 2007 at the La Jolla 12 AMC Theatres.

Tiers of Treats

The elevated back platter showcases a savory snack: a mixture of wild mushroom, Gruyere cheese & herbs presented in tiny pasty cups placed in red paper cups for ease in tasting. In front is a platter of beautiful pistachio shortbread cookies.

A Tight Shot! Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Come in close to see the detail of these wonderful cookies: buttery shortbread, encircled with pistashios, with a full fruit apricot glaze and a light swirl of chocolate ganache. Perfectly balanced; absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Ginger Cookies

Trays filled with an abundance of Chocolate, Molasses Ginger cookies were a popular dessert item at the 2007 Jewish Film Festival Opening Night Event. These cookies have intense flavors and are delightfully chewy. It is virtually impossible to only eat one!

Tables of Desserts

Just a peek at the plentiful confections and other delights that welcomed Festival donors on Opening Night of the San Diego Jewish Film Festival.

Tiered Display of Chocolate Petit Fours

Event Location: AMC 12 Theaters in La Jolla for the 2007 San Diego Jewish Film Festival. These beautiful 2" x 2" chocolate fudge and ganache cakes with cocoa nibs, espresso & a light touch of raspberries and Chambord, were a huge hit.

Chocolate Ganache Petit Four

Here is a close up of a perfect petit four; and, it tasted divine. It is sized larger (2" x 2" = 4 bites) , because one bite is never enough!

Small Cheesecake

2007 San Diego Jewish Film Festival Donor's Event. DazzleM presented 250 small & mini strawberry cheesecakes as part of a much larger dessert tasting menu.

Corporate Event ~ Petits Fours

Trays of Petits Fours (tiny cakes) were delivered to the Convention Center to promote corporate image to convention attendees / clients. Three flavors were chosen by this corporate client: passion fruit/marzipan; lemon zest curd/marzipan; chocolate/chocolate ganache.

Holiday Cookies Table

Holiday Cookies

Ooo La La!

All is set and ready for the beautiful Moms and Daughters to arrive and enjoy an evening of fashion, food and shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue to support Project Concern International.

Towering Tiers of Cupcakes

Charity Event for Project Concern International held at Saks Fifth Avenue. DazzleM's sweet treats added glamor and great tasts in the beautiful setting, featuring the light filled rotunda at Saks.

Bloomingdales Event

Fall treats for society patrons at Bloomingdale's, October 2009.

Bloomingdales Event

Yummy cake bites satisfy society patrons at Bloomingdal's, October 2009.

Chef Jen

Wedding Cookie Bar consisting of five flavors -- 37 dozen cookies! YUM. March 2011.

Plated Dessert Trio

Lemon ricotta cookies, chocolate hazlenut mousse in a dark chocolate cup and Tres Leches cake.

Trio of Desserts for San Diego ABC

February 2011 Luncheon of the San Diego ABC at the Sheraton in Carlsbad.

Lemon Tarts

Wow! Lots of L e m o n ! Topped with chantilly cream enhanced with crystallized ginger and a tiny piece of candied lemon. Large silver trays of these beauties greeted guests at Opening Night of the Film Festival. Just the right combo of sweet and tart had guest puckering up for more!

Dessert Planning

Contact us for ideas for planning and presenting your next dessert buffet for any type, theme and style of celebration: petitie to grande, simple to elegant, funky to fancy. It will always be perfect and delicious, and "not too pretty to eat!"

Lemon - Pistachio Shortbread

Anytime favorite: Buttery squares dipped in chocolate ganache. $10/dozen

Tribute from a daughter!

Two dozen rose blossoms in shades of lemon yellow and peachy pink (icing) were the centerpiece of a a dessert display arranged for by a very proud daughter in L.A. through dazzleM for her special Mom in San Diego ... her Mom was a successful candidate for elected office on November 7, 2006. Location: Westgate Hotel Suite.

Sitting Pretty in a Bed of Roses

Behold, Nature's Best!

Pretty Packages

Individual serving party cakes: all dressed up in organic, edible crystalllized flowers.

Sea Theme Fantasy Cake

Perfect centerpiece for a sea shore themed event. Coordinated theme cookies and minature desserts will complete the dessert bufffet.

Mission Bay Reception

Sand and sun just outside, this casual reception was fun and friendly, just like the colorful tropical cake!

Eggnog Cheesecakes

Individual servings topped with a dollop of mascarpone & cream fraiche, plus a fresh blueberry or raspberry.

Holiday Dessert Table

Tiered Display with Cakes, Cookies, Cheesecake and Shortbread.

Bountiful display of desserts

Shows a dessert presentation on a large table with dishes of individual sized desserts placed on tiered plates.

Cookie Tree

The dessert presentation here includes a wire dessert tree (at back of the table) that perfectly displays our specially designed cookies. This was a baby welcoming party and the "tree" was filled with little polka dot "onsie" cookies tied with ribbon. Guests were able to eat or remove and take home. The wire tree may be rented for $50. with a cookie order.

Individual Rose Cakes

Chocolate-Chocolate, Chambord-Poppy Seed and Lemon-Lemon cupcakes; Rose petals shaped icing in chocolate and pastels tops each cupcake. Adorned with a single sugared (edible) rose petal. Each cake is baked in a pretty Italian Panettone cup.

Holiday Dessert Table

Holiday dessert table featuring some of dazzleM's desserts. Table design by Elizabeth Zellmann in Mt. Helix residence.

Cupcake Cookies Platter

Platter of cookies, each shaped like a cupcake with a candle.

Party Cookies for Children

Heart and Polka Dot shaped cookies for child's party.

Spiderman 3 Cookies

Oodles and oodles of theme cookies delight the guests, young and old!!

Cookie Assortment - Individually Wrapped

Prettily wrapped happy star cookies.

Sun, Moon and Stars Cake Presentation

Centerpiece of a larger display. Two year old twin boys were facinated in their discovery of the Sun, Moon and Stars. This cake captures sun rays emitting from the bottom of the cake reaching toward the stars on the sides of the cake. Custom cake board is encircled with gold stars. The cake top is a cut out design made from colored fondant. Tell Jen your theme and color palatte and she will do the rest!

Baby Shower Cookie Display

Twins' Stars (green & blue; yellow & pink) cookies on a platter. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.)

Alphabet Cookies

A.B.C dots & stripes trio (secured in place on a small cake board) wrapped in white confetti cello bag and tied with medium blue bow. Great for baby boy shower or first birthday.

Blooming Cookie Display

Flower Theme cookies on a platter. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.)

Tropical Cookie Display

Beach inspired cookies on a platter. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.)

Cookie Cocktails Display

Virgin Spirits cookies on a platter. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.)

Golf Foursome

Presentation - Cookie platter

Planned Residential Display (PRD)

Shows a dessert presentation of house of all colors and styles on a platter. Popular idea for Real Estate brokers for house sale promotions.

Fall Cookie Collection

Assorted colorful Autumn cookie platter accented with whole pecans and candied almonds, seen with peaking sunlight. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.)

Autumn Cookie Assortment

Autumn Leaves, Acorns, Pumpkins and Owls; individually zip wrapped. Sanitary and still oh so pretty.

Dessert Gift Baskets

Special packaging for your desserts.

Just Stars!

Holiday or anytime Stars platter.

Star Cookies

Presentation - Cookie platter with 5 dozen 4" stars, iced with lemon zest butter cream with blue and yellow sugar sprinkles. Fresh, soft, delicious! Price: $155. as shown.

Dessert Display

We have lovely wooden display units for our desserts at your events. Shown is an assortment of our holiday collection presented at a La Jolla artisian event.

Bright Lights

Our "Bright Lights" cookies shine amid festive decorations.

Cookies in a Box

Party favors. After party gifts for guests filled with your specially butter cookie. The cookies enclosed matched the tree motif of the top of the little wooden boxes.

Holiday Cookies in a Box

Close up of tree motif boxes that were filled with our signature iced butter cookies.


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