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Dessert Buffets - Floral Arrangements

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Bouquets show off an arrangement of our yummy cookies that are loved by all. Remember almost any theme can be displayed in a vertical arrangement.

Pricing: Varies. Products are delivered in a white bakery box at no charge. Extra charge for platters with plastic see through lids, special containers, plates, displays or wrapping. Small drop cookies (up to 2.5") are $9 a dozen; larger drop cookies (3 - 4" size) and bar cookies, are from $16 per dozen. Fancy mini (2 bite) desserts/petit fours are $1.95 each, & if chocolate, $2.15 each; fancy small (4 bite) desserts/petit fours are $3.85 each, & if chocolate, $4.25 each. Mini cupcakes (about 2 onces each) are $10 per dozen; $12 for chocolate, and include a generous swirl of buttercream icing and pretty sprinkles or edible glitter. Enhancements, such as organic crystal sugared flowers, are extra, per quote. Savory item offerings are available in consult with Chef Jen and are per quote.
Minimum Order: $250. There is a minimum order of 4 dozen of any one individual or mini (size, type, flavor) dessert.
Product Size: Petite to Grande

Blooming Confections

Cookies adorned with edible flowers & butterflies.

Grouping of Rosette Cookies

Cookies arranged on a tray. These cookies can be any color and decorated to suit your theme. Shown: 4" cookies unwrapped, $7 each.

Daises and Butterflies

Color coordinated jewels of nature. Buy them by the platter, the pair or just one, or the other. Can be created to match your color palette. Price: $5 each unwrapped.

Floral Arrangement 1

Bright daffodils, daisies, tulips, iris and roses make up the front and back view of the edible cookie arrangements made for the youth tables at a poolside wedding. "Dirt" in the flower pots is created from Oreo cookie crumbs. These cookies are delicious and oh so pretty, too!

Floral Arrangement 2

Another of the Floral Cookie Arrangements; this shows a bumble bee and bee hive. These arrangements were very appealing to the young guests (ages 2 - 14).

Floral Arrangement 3

Notice the daisy shape cookie on the right in back row and the beautiful mosaic patterns achieved with the blue, yellow and orange blending of icing.

Pastel Iced Rose Cakes

Consider the alternate of individual cup cakes. Two flavors/colors shown: French Vanilla & Chambord Icing on White Poppy Seed Cake; Limoncino & Lemon Zest Icing on Lemon Zest Cake. Each cake adorned with a single sugared real rose petal. Beautiful for a Mother's Day Brunch!

Floral Cake

Tropical flowers and bamboo make this cake a beautiful centerpiece for a summer Islands theme party. Cake is surrounded by fresh, fragrant plumeria. Coordinated cookies available from dazzleM.