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Theme Cookies - Tropical Playgrounds

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Who can resist the lure of sandy beaches, tropical breezes with lingering days & luxurious nights?

Pricing: Varies by size, decoration and time requirements. Range: $4 - $13 each, plus minimum $1.25 each for wrapping as a favor in clear or patterened cello with ribbon. We ship throughout the Continental U.S. Shipping & Handling charges apply. Please allow extra time: minimum 4 weeks requested.
Minimum Order: $250.
Product Size: Size of cookie cutters is 3 - 7 inches

Seashore Fun

Events by the sea are a great opportunity to present beautiful and delicious treats capturing the mood of the locale.


Sooooo realistic......for a cookie! $7.

Tropical Fantasy Cake

Use a beautiful Themed cake to coordinate with Theme cookies for a completely beautiful and coordinated look!

Starfish Cookies

Dianne & Tom's personalized Wedding favor cookies match their wedding cake!

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Tee Shirts - Theme Cookies

Just Garibaldi

The official marine fish of California, shown playing around. Five inches of deliciousness with no guilt; it is just a cookie. Price: $6.50

La Jolla Cool

For us, this is home: pink shells, Garibaldi marine fish (prolific at La Jolla Cove) and palm trees, albeit not indigenous. This theme has panache and it tastes good too! Cookie size: about 5 inches. Price for theme group shown: $30.

Tropical Paradise Cake

Remember, dazzleM can coordinate gorgeous cakes and cookies for your fabulous events.

Tropical Bliss

Forget the hurricanes; this is the true image of tropical bliss. Safely enjoy these large 5" cookies: starfish, tropical fish, palm tree, shells, a pink flamingo and a parrot. You will almost feel the soft, warm tropical breeze. Price of theme group, with straw & large plastic platter: $60.

Seashore Naturals

Pink and pretty shells and starfish, iridescent and irresistible. Size: about 5 inches. Price: $6 each.

Two Palms

Tall, wide and evocative palms at sunset. Hand painted and decorated with fondant coconuts. Size: about 6 inches. Price: $7.25 each.